Building Home Wheelchair Ramp — Part 1

How do you build a wheelchair ramp for your home? First of all, decide the type of ramp that best fits your budget, your home and the person using it. View an example of a “post-and-beam” home wheelchair ramp: Option 1: Berming Berming is basically constructing a ramp with...

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Kitchen Remodel In Minnetonka

Take A Look At The Results Of The Kitchen Remodel: This Lindee Construction kitchen remodel in a Minnetonka home included pushing out the house three feet, walnut floors, replacing the slate stairs and creating a much larger, more modern and usable kitchen space. The remodel required removing the existing...

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ADA Compliant Kitchen Remodeling

When Nancy Smith first glimpsed the Minnetonka condomonium during her house hunt nearly four years ago the first thing that caught her eye was the “big, beautiful deck,” she said. Click On Image To View Project That deck was enough to overcome an interior not conducive for someone in...

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