LCS has been a contracted state provider for Environmental.

Accessibility Adaptationssince 2009. We work closely with county social services agencies and together we produce a high-quality end result for our clients.

We accept the following funding programs:

  • Elderly Waiver (EW) Program

  • Community Alternatives for Disabled

  • Individuals (CADI) Waive

  • Community Alternative Care (CAC) Waiver

  • Developmental Disability (DD) Waiver

  • Brain Injury (BI) Waiver

To apply to any of these programs, contact your local county social services agency:

For the BI, CAC,CADI and DD Waivers Contact the DHS Disability Services Division at 1-800-747-5484 or by visiting community/programs-and-services/hcbs-waivers.jsp

For the EW Elderly Waiver contact the DHS Aging and Adult Services Division at 651-431-2600 or by visiting

Family is undeniably one of the most important elements in everyone’s life. Families today come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and are comprised of infinite dynamics. We believe in accommodating the needs of all customers, being mindful and professional as we provide services to all the families we serve.

We believe all people deserve a fair and supportive experience from our family owned construction company.


ADA Products and services:

Stair Lifts
          Outdoor Stair Lifts 
          Curved Stair Lifts
          Straight Stair Lifts

         Cement Sidewalks
         Aluminum Ramps
         Treated Wood Ramps

Wheelchair Lifts
         Outdoor Lifts
         Indoor Lifts
         Inclined Platform Lifts
         Bathroom Accessibility
         Roll in showers 
         Walk-in Tubs
         Tub cut outs
         Grab Bars & Poles
         ADA Toilets
         Non-slip Flooring



Transfer Aids
           Freestanding Lift Systems
           Repositioning Aids
           Fixed Ceiling Lifts
           Bath Transfer

Accessible Doors and Doorways
           Widening doors
           Automatic Door Openers

Environmental Modifications for children with Autism
           Create a Cool-Down Room
           Install Alarm Systems

Safety Locks
           Provide a Suitable Workstation
           Install Comfortable Lighting