When building a home wheelchair ramp, there are crucial safety features that must be employed during construction.

First and foremost is the handrail, which is typically installed between 31-inches and 34-inches from the surface of the ramp. The rails should also be capable of supporting a 250-pound load at any point along the length. The diameter of the handrail should be no more than 1-and-1/2 inches, with wood as the preferred material.

Next, a guardrails need to be mounted along the structure’s perimeter, usually at a seated person’s knee height, which is 18-inches to 20-inches. The guardrails prevent users from slipping off the side of the ramp or any landing.

Edging should also be attached along the base of the ramp. This curbing prevents devices like crutches from slipping off the side of the ramp as well.

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