Looking for a lasting refurbishment of its medical helicopter landing pad, Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, MN, called on Lindee Construction for a solution.

Lindee used its extensive commercial contracting experience in medical facilities to find an answer that best met Methodist’s needs.

Repainting the faded helipad with vibrant new colors was the first step. The second was applying a new material to coat the painted helipad with a revolutionary epoxy that not only protects the paint from fade-inducing UV rays, but also creates a strong surface that provides long-lasting protection from the elements.

The coating also creates a strong, clear and lasting surface protecting the heliport from wear generated by daily use, including any chemical or machine fluid spills, weight of helicopters and equipment and foot traffic.

What makes Lindee the contractor of choice for helipad refurbishment across the U.S. is its experience with the new epoxy product along with its understanding of the special needs of hospitals to ensure limited downtime.

Limiting the time for helicopter landing pad renovation is allowed because the new epoxy cures very quickly, allowing for use between coats.

Lindee Construction is a long-term, family-owned commercial contractor with lengthy experience working in the unique needs of hospitals. That experience, and our experience with the new epoxy product, makes us the ideal choice to bid on helicopter landing page repainting, refurbishing or renovation project. We work nationally. Call 612-282-3214 for more information.