Repainting, Refurbishing Helicopter Landing Pads To Last

An example of Helipad Refurbishing with Great Results:

Helipads are a key component to a variety of businesses and can be a vital lifeline for patients. Ensuring helicopter pilots have a clearly visible, safe heliport for landing and taking off is a key component to the service.

Given that helipads are outdoors and unencumbered by trees or overhead power lines they are susceptible to the elements, including UV rays from sunshine, rain, wind, sleet, snow and all facets of Mother Nature.

Because of that, helicopter landing structures can wear down over time and the paint marking the safe helipad area can become faded and difficult to quickly identify.

Lindee Construction has developed an expertise at not only refurbishing helipads with vibrant new paint, but also employs a revolutionary new material to ensure the restoration lasts.

Employing a new epoxy product and application method after freshly painting the heliport creates a strong, resistant coating that filters out UV rays before they can reach the paint. The material creates an extremely strong coat, protecting the painted surface helicopter tire wear, any chemical or engine fluids that may spill on it as well as general wear from use.

Making this product especially useful for helipads at hospitals is its extremely quick drying time, limiting the down time while a heliport is being refurbished. It is also proven effective on a variety of surfaces from metal to concrete to asphalt and is easily cleaned.

Lindee Construction is a long-term, family-owned commercial contractor with lengthy experience working in the unique needs of hospitals. That experience, and our experience with the new epoxy product, makes us the ideal choice to bid on helicopter landing page repainting, refurbishing or renovation project. We work nationally. Call 612-282-3214 for more information