Kitchens are typically among the most used rooms in the house, acting as a central gathering point while entertaining or hosting family events.

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This is no different for a homeowner looking to convert their house into ADA compliance, making an ADA-accessible kitchen remodel a key part of the overall project.

From workspaces to accessibility to appliances to being able to move into and out of the space, ensuring the room is useable and accessible for those in wheelchairs or with other physical limitations is crucial.

Kitchens can also be remodeled and retrofitted to achieve a better flow; a “working triangle” for easier wheelchair access throughout the entire space.

Among the changes to ensure ADA accessibility are:

Cabinets: Toe kicks can be raised from standard 4” to 6”- 8” to allow better wheelchairs accessibility.

Sinks: Can be installed without a base cabinet to allow better accessibility.

Drawers: Cabinets with pull-out drawers can give better accessibility to the back.

Flooring: Flooring with a smooth surface for easy navigation throughout the space can be installed.

Replacing appliances: Refrigerators with ice/water dispenser in the door, cook tops, etc.

Custom cabinets: They may be needed to lower countertop heights to ease accessibility.

Handles: Installing new handles to assist in opening doors and drawers.

Shelving: Installing open shelving and eliminating doors can help in accessing items.

Lindee Construction is proud to be an experienced ADA remodeler and looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your unique needs and how we can help make your kitchen ADA accessible.

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