Bathrooms are the most requested home modification for ADA accessibility, and is a key element to ensuring independent living for someone with a physical limitation.

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Using an experienced ADA remodeler when converting a traditional bathroom into one that is ADA accessible is especially important given that a bathroom space may need to be expanded to ensure accessibility.

This may require reshaping rooms and hallways to create a larger bathroom, and Lindee’s 25 years of general contracting and maintenance experience for health care facilities ensures we know how to do the job correctly the first time.

There are also a variety of options — and a string of finishing details — to make sure the project meets ADA requirements, including:

Doors: Can be widened for wheelchair accessibility. Our remodeling would include removing the existing door, relocating light switches, widening the frame opening, installing a new wider door unit and repairing affected flooring or walls.

A swing away door hinge: By installing this type of hinge we can increase the door width by 2”.

Toilets: We can replace the toilet with a special ADA compliant unit or retrofit it with a raised seat. We would also install toilet grab bars for balance and support when transferring from a wheelchair.

Sinks: Remodeling with a pedestal sink can create more access for a wheelchair. A wall-mounted lavatory might make for a better retrofit.

Faucets: Replacing old faucets with ones that have single lever controls will help you. We recommend the anti-scald controls for highest safety.

Bathtubs: After an assessment we would either remodel with grab bars for your safety or a new, roll-in shower might be best suited to your accessibility needs.

Roll-in Shower: Bathtub to roll-in shower remodeling is a little more complex. There are things to keep in mind like the fact that bathroom floor will get wet. We can install custom ceramic tile in the roll in showers. There is additional work required: Relocating and lowering the drain, install rubber shower pan and the new shower floor flush with the existing bathroom floor. In some cases we might consider retrofitting the shower with a prefabricated fiberglass roll-in shower floors.

Lindee Construction is proud to be an experienced ADA remodeler and looks forward to meeting with you to discuss your unique needs and how we can help make your bathroom ADA accessible.

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